Release Date : July 07, 2023

Starring: Naga Shaurya, Yukti Thareja, Shine Tom Chacko, Satya, Brahmaji, Rajkumar Kasireddy

Director: Pawan Basamsetti

Producer: Sudhakar Cherukuri

Music Director: Pawan CH

Cinematographer: Divakar Mani

Editor:Kartika Srinivas

Naga Shaurya, a promising actor, has teamed up with first-time director Pawan Basamsetti for their latest film, “Rangabali,” which released in theaters today. Let’s take a look at how the film fares.


The story revolves around Shaurya (Naga Shaurya), a laid-back person deeply attached to his hometown, Rajavaram. Despite his reluctance, his father forces him to move to Vizag for his studies. There, he falls in love with Sahaja (Yukti Thareja), a doctor. However, their marriage faces opposition from Sahaja’s father (Murali Sharma) due to a conflict related to the Rangabali center in Rajavaram. Can Shaurya resolve this issue? And how does Parasuram (Shine Tom Chacko) connect to the problems surrounding the Rangabali center? The movie reveals the answers.


Naga Shaurya effortlessly portrays the role of a boy-next-door and proves his talent once again. His performance as a person deeply connected to his hometown and standing up against influential figures is commendable. His dialogue delivery, especially in intense scenes, has improved significantly. Shaurya excels in comedy as well.

Comedian Satya delivers an exceptional performance. His perfect timing, expressions, and funny dialogues make the audience burst into laughter. He carries the first half of the film effortlessly.

Goparaju Ramana’s role may be small, but it is impactful. His interactions with Naga Shaurya are a delight to watch, adding an enjoyable dynamic to their on-screen chemistry.

The director successfully makes the first half enjoyable, thanks to well-executed comedy scenes involving Shaurya and Satya.


The story lacks a strong hook to engage the audience. The second half falls short of expectations due to poor writing and weak screenplay. The director fails to capitalize on the setup from the first half, resulting in a below-par film.

Shine Tom Chacko’s character is underutilized and lacks sufficient screen time. The face-off scenes between him and Naga Shaurya are underwhelming.

Despite having talented actors like Murali Sharma and Sarathkumar, the director fails to utilize them effectively. Better scenes could have been written for their characters. Some characters, like Anantha Sriram, serve no purpose in the plot.

Comedian Satya’s presence is reduced in the second half, which affects the movie’s outcome.

The second half is a major letdown, particularly from the pre-climax onward. The film ends abruptly, leaving a forced conclusion.

Technical Aspects:

The director’s debut effort is disappointing. The story and screenplay needed more effort to make “Rangabali” a decent film.

The placement of songs is poor, and none of them leave a lasting impression. The music could have been better.

The cinematography is satisfactory, and the production values are noticeable.


Overall, “Rangabali” is a poorly written and half-hearted action comedy drama. Naga Shaurya’s performance and Satya’s comedy provide some enjoyment, but the film as a whole doesn’t offer much. If you choose to watch it, keep your expectations low. Rating: 2.5/5

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